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About Cori Nadine

After a few appearances in Playboy Special Editions in the early 90's, fitness and glamour model Cori Nadine took the internet by storm. Through sheer force of ubiquity she made an indelible mark, with hundreds of photographs published by modelling websites as well as her own -- pretty much every single admirer of the female form who's spent more than a few years on the internet has seen her face in one place or another.

The appeal to Cori is two-fold: first, she arrived in a time when popular conception of an attractive female form was polarized to extremes -- the emaciated and anorexic supermodel, the overly endowed adult entertainer, and the rock hard amazonian warrior. Cori Nadine is an unlikely middle ground, with a face that could grace a magazine cover, enough curves to make a man look twice, and just enough mass and definition to make him believe she could legitimately do some damage.

Then there is her modelling itself. There's a confidence and sense of self-awareness in each photograph she appears in, a tacit acknowledgement of the absurdity of being photographed in the nude; it's like she's laughing at herself for posing, and she's laughing at you for watching. She's hot and she knows it -- and she's having fun.

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